It’s time to… Binge!

Alright the S word is fast approaching and there is no way to avoid it now. But That doesn’t mean I can’t binge before I have to go back! YES anime marathons are back! Manga reading is a furious as ever and relaxation is more relaxing then it ever was! Yeah it’s so intense, intensely fun and relaxing that my brothers and I made a binge list!


  1. 10 hour anime marathons are back! Or the couch Olympics as my brothers and friends like to call it. WE DO NOT SPEND 10 HOURS ON THE COUCH! Like the good people we are we take breaks every now and then. But moving on anime we are planning to binge on are… Charlotte, Naruto we haven’t yet watched all of it as a group but we are planning on it, Free, Class room crisis really excited to watch this one it looks awesome, gatchaman crowds, Punch line, The betrayal knows my name the title sounds interesting and this anime looks like it’s going to kick butt, jubei chan the ninja girl, the galaxy railways, jojo’s bizarre adventure stardust crusaders, dog days and Fafner in the Azure this isn’t the last one on the list but this list is so long so I shall end it here.
  2. Manga! Yup it’s time for a little light reading I’m planning to finish all the manga on my manga to read list. If I can read 816 books in less than a couple months I’m sure I can read I think it’s about 130 volumes of manga.
  3. Sleep yup my days of sleeping in are limited so while I still can I’m going to sleep as much as I can.
  4. M.L.G. pro time yup this too my friends have already set up an all day game war where it’s every team for themselves!
  5. And finally my favorite foods!

Alright this is the last post of this week. It makes me sad too but don’t worry I shall be back next week with more post about anime and my crazy life. I wish you all a good weekend! Have fun, do something crazy, and watch a lot of anime!


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