Soulless the manga.

Alright Soulless the manga! There is actually a book series of this manga I have read it and I can say without a doubt that I think the manga is better but that’s just me. I liked it so much better. What is Soulless? Well it’s a manga set in the Victorian era.  Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 1 (The Parasol Protectorate Manga #1) by Gail Carriger (Goodreads Author), Rem (Art and Adaptation), JuYoun Lee (Lettering) is about…. The life of a spinster in Victorian London isn’t an easy one on the best of days, but such a life becomes infinitely more complicated when said spinster is “soulless” – a preternatural bridging the gap between the natural and supernatural worlds. Miss Alexia Tarabotti has this unique distinction, and when she is assailed at a formal gathering by a rove vampire, an encounter that results in the death of the half-starved creature, her circumstances become exponentially more complicated indeed! Now caught up in an intrigue with life or death stakes, Alexia must rely on all her talents to outmatch the forces conspiring against her, but it may be the man who has caught her eye – Lord Conall Maccon – and their budding flirtation that truly drives her to her wit’s end! Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts…

Before we start this manga is more for people I would say 16 and up. I LOVED THIS MANGA! loved it! It is without a doubt one of my favorite mangas of all time! I love that it takes place in the Victorian era. I love that Alexia wears cool elegant dresses. I love that Alexia’s best friend is a sassy, awesome, kick butt, long haired beautiful vampire who loves tea. I love that Conall is a hot headed kinda self centered insecure werewolf alpha. Who’s just looking for love, and a mate who will love him for who he is. Is this a shoujo manga no and yes there’s romance, action so much action, drama and a hell of a lot of it, fights and people trying to take each other out that I can’t say it’s all shoujo because it is definitely not. It’s the best of both worlds.  I love that it’s about the supernatural world. I absolutely love that it has vampires, werewolves and all the supernatural creatures. I love that the main characters in this manga aren’t fully human. I love the mystery, suspense and drama. I love this manga period. Why do I love it so much aside from, the reasons I just listed? I love it because the story line is strong. It is very well written it’s easy to follow and the story just flows. This manga is all about mystery, the mystery behind why Alexia is the way she is and what it is going to mean for her in the future. The journey about self discovery and being true to ones self is awesome. I love that she has to fight for what she thinks is right, I love that she is a brave, fiery girl who dose what she wants. The author Gail Carriger did an amazing job on this manga. It’s one of the bests. The story is out of this world. It’s rich and full of so much awesomeness that it’s just awesome! The characters are opinionated, strong, funny, and full of life. They are not afraid to say what they think and do what they they think is right. There the type of characters that you admire and want to be like yet fear sometimes. That is one of the things I love about them Gail Carriger did an amazing job creating characters that are easy to love. My favorite thing about this series is that it’s more complicated then it seems. The way it’s written is just awesome! If you’ve read Soulless tell me what you think, did yo like it? Would you recommend it? If you didn’t like it why didn’t you? I love it and think you should definitely read this manga sometime.


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