Thought of the day Bleach vs Naruto!

Oh my goodness today my friend and I got into a really big argument about who would win if Bleach and Naruto met up. I personally have watched both and love both but I think Bleach would win all the way hands down no problem. Don’t get me wrong Naruto is awesome too and they have some wicked cool jutsus as well that are amazing beyond belief but I think Bleach would be just a bit stronger. With Bankai’s, hollows, masters and quinces. I’m  a huge fan of Bleach if you couldn’t already tell but on this we can agree to disagree he thinks Naruto would win and I think Bleach would win. But no just no Bleach for the win. Would it be the showdown of a life time oh yeah would Bleach come out on top hell yes! Ichigo is… I have no words to explain how powerful he is, it’s just out of this world. Naruto is not far behind too. You know what Ithink but what do you think? Bleach or Naruto? Who would come out on top?


86 thoughts on “Thought of the day Bleach vs Naruto!

  1. To be honest, I like both. The characters are pretty cool and the bad guys are a force to be reckon with. If these two did face each other, it would be hectic. All know is that of course Ichigo will deal with the majority of the Naruto characters since he has Soul Reapers powers, Hollow, Quincy, and Fullbring inside him; he is OP. Same with Naruto, he has the power of Nine Tails and if he is teamed up with Sasuke, they would take down the Bleach characters. Hard to say who will win.

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  2. I have to go with Naruto, but i don’t actually have the right to decide since i haven’t seen or read bleach. Only the first 3 eps.
    My reason being Naruto’s too OP. Sage, Kyuubi & Chakra mode


  3. There’s one major thing that made Bleach better than Naruto for casual anime fans; The Dubs. Naruto’s dub is like cancer in comparison to Bleach’s, which is real disappointment considering Naruto’s later episodes deal with a lot more deeper themes as far as anime go.

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