Real neat blog award x2!

Real neat blog award!

I want to thank Matt-in-the-Hat and Daiymanga for nominating me. This means a lot to me so I thank you and I hope you like this post. Alright as usual there shall be plenty of hot guys to admire in this post. So be careful because the pictures of them might cause you to lose some brain cells.

Matt-in-the-Hat’s questions!

  1. If someone was going to make a movie based on your life, who would you want to play as yourself?

Hmm… Definitely without a doubt Beyoncé. It would be so incredibly awesome to have her play me.

2. Imagine having the power to meet someone who is no longer alive, who would you like to meet?

I would love to meet my grandma who I am named after, she sounds like she would be a pretty cool person. I mean we share the same name and all so I imagine she would be an awesome person who loves to laugh and have fun.

3.Who is your favorite anime or cartoon voice actor?

Okay this is a hard question. I love the voice actor for Sesshomaru from Inuyasha his voice is so sexy, Sebastian from Black butler don’t even need words for this one, Gray and Natsu from Fairy Tail, Grell from Black butler and the list goes on really.

4.Do you have pet peeve? If so, what is it?

I don’t have a lot of pet peeves because I don’t let a lot of things bug me but one I do have is when people spoil things or put a spoiler in something without WARNING anyone that it’s there! when5.What movies are you interested on watching in theaters?

Mockingjay Part 2, Pan, and All the Marvel movies.

6.If you woke the next morning as a different gender for one day, how would you feel?

I'd be like

I’d be like

Weird I would be kinda freaked out and wondering how in hell this happened but then I think I would have fun with it. I mean how hard is it to be a guy? I don’t have to brush my hair as much, almost all clothes and shoes are comfortable and I can eat. I don’t see a problem here yet.

7.Do you have a favorite song in which you call a “guilty pleasure”?

Well yes but it’s no really a guilty pleasure. I love the song High-school by Nicki Minaj.

Daiyamanga’s Questions:

1. Who is your favorite anime mascot or sidekick?

Yeah Happy from Fairy Tail! He’s awesome! I love him he is just a bundle of joy. In the form of a cat who can fly!

2. Have you ever been to a professional sports game?

Do hockey games count? Yes? Then I have many times actually.

3. Is there a particular fandom you find annoying?

No not really if you like something fan girl away.

4. Name a manga where you find the art to be ugly.

Is there such a thing? Because if so I have never read a manga with ugly art.

5. Have you bought any Amiibos, Disney Infinity, Skylanders, or other such video game figures?

Nope my brothers have tons though.

6. What was (or is) your favorite stuffed animal?

A stuffed polar bear, monkey, cat and penguin are my favorite stuffed animals.

7. If you had stats like a video game/RPG character, what would be your highest and lowest stats? (Attack, Defense, Magic, Intelligence, Speed, etc.

I don’t know, but I can say my speed and defense would be on point.
Here ends this award post. I hope you liked it. Watch out for my nominees post it could be you. Until next time.


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