Bloody Kiss.

Bloody Kiss, Vol. 1 by Kazuko Furumiya

Kiyo is a struggling student who strives to become a laywer and clear her father’s name. When she inherits a mansion from her late grandmother, Kiyo thinks she’s finally hit a streak of good luck. But she soon finds out that the mansion is already inhabited by a couple of vampires, including the handsome Kuroboshi, who seems to have his eyes set on Kiyo for his new vampire… Summary from Goodreads. 

My thoughts…

I have read this manga and I liked it, I also read the rest of the series considering it’s only two volumes. I thought it was funny and really well done. I love the banter between Kuroboshi and Kiyo it’s awesome. I love how Kuroboshi bickers with her because he doesn’t know how to get close to her. I was laughing so hard at his attempts to get closer to Kiyo. Because every time she would just shoot him down not really thinking about what that might mean to him until later. One of the things I loved most about this manga is that it has vampires and vampire slayers! Well so called vampire slayers you’ll get what I mean if you have read the manga or are planning on reading it. I love almost anything supernatural so I really liked this manga. It was the perfect combination of supernatural and shoujo. If you like  supernatural love stories this one is for you. But even if you don’t like supernatural I would say you should still try this manga if you’re interested because it’s not all supernatural. It’s got vampires and vampire slayers but that’s where the supernatural part ends in my opinion anyway. The manga really focuses on the relationship between human and vampire or Kiyo and Kuroboshi in this case. Kuroboshi has much to learn about human girls, school, cooking and what he can and can’t say. I laughed so hard all the times that Kuroboshi said something without thinking about it first and regretted it later when Kiyo was mad at him for it. But to be far he’s over 1oo hundred years old and hasn’t really had to deal with girls much, well ones like Kiyo anyway. Usually if Kuroboshi wants something he can charm anybody so that they do what he wants or gets what he needs for him. But with Kiyo, Kuroboshi doesn’t want to do that because Kuroboshi wants Kiyo to like him for who he is. Not because she’s under some spell and kinda has to like him because she’s under a spell.
Kuroboshi wanted want they had to be real.  Yes he made some mistakes along the way, but what guy doesn’t? No offense to all you guys out there but I’m basing this off of what I have seen. But overall Kuroboshi is a pretty great character. He can be stubborn, funny, thoughtful, and a lovable idiot. Kiyo on the other hand is a strong, determined girl who has been through so much and dealt with all of it like a boss. I mean not only is she on her own until she meets Kuroboshi but she’s trying to get through school, become a lawyer and clear her fathers name. That is a lot to deal with and she deals with it flawlessly in my opinion. No freak outs or meltdown count as a win. Kiyo is an awesome character I love and admire her ability to not let things get to her much anyway. She makes shaking things off look really easy. Kiyo has been through a lot and that has made her a tough strong person who doesn’t really know how to let others get close to her or help her. It’s great to see how she reacts to having people who refuse to leave her alone and who are always in her space and interested in what she is doing. For someone who isn’t used to that it can be kind of overwhelming. Overall I loved this manga the plot was good and easy to follow.
It was pretty interesting and kept my attention the whole time. It’s full of drama, love triangles and lots of arguments that are too funny. The characters are strong and shine bright in their own ways. They have a lot pf ups and downs that in my opinion only make them stronger together and as individuals. They know each others strengths and weaknesses and try to help each other out when ever and where ever they can. They work as a team to get through the hardships that are being tossed at them like dodge balls. Which is awesome. This manga was really very well done and I would recommended it if you like shoujo or supernatural or both. Until next time.



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