Junketsu + Kareshi first look.

Junketsu + Kareshi, Vol. 01
by Aya Shouoto, 硝音あや

Takachiho Kanami who attends a distinguished private school is bright, well-behaved and extremely soft-hearted no matter what the time. She’s neat, and doesn’t seem to have any problems, but she carries a darkness within her heart. On the night of the full moon, the world around her starts to grow loud. The meeting that changes Kanami’s fate is already drawing close. Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts.

I haven’t read this manga yet it’s on my manga to read list but it sounds interesting. I have heard nothing but good things about this manga so I am excited to read it. I mean Takachiho Kanami maybe leads a double life. Which sounds pretty cool. By the sound of it, it’s definitely going to involve something supernatural and if you didn’t know I adore almost anything supernatural! Vampires, werewolves all of it I love it. So I’m sure I will love this manga. This manga looks like it’s going to be all about the supernatural world and its creatures and I love that. Takachiho from what I have read about her seems like a timid character who just seems to get by. So she has secrets we all do. But hers just seems to be a bit more intriguing than most people’s secrets. I mean if the world around you suddenly changed in ways you couldn’t understand you would be a bit alarmed too. I can’t wait to see how Takachiho reacts to all these changes going on around her. From the looks of the manga cover she clearly meets a hot guy and where there is hot guys there is always something. I’m going to predict that this hot guy is going to be a vampire. Why? I don’t know I’m just getting the feeling that he’s going to be one. He’s giving me the vampire vibes if that makes sense. He also looks like quite the trouble maker but we’ll just have to wait and see I shall with hold all judgement until I have read the manga and watched the anime. I can’t wait to read this manga and watch the anime.



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