Halloween after effect.

Well I hope you guys all had fun last night! Either by going trick or treating, scaring the hell out of some kids, or sitting at home watching scary anime because why not. I know I had a great time with my friends. We had a party, stayed up way to late, watched way to many episodes of Gotham, drank way to much pop and ate way to much candy. We were tired as hell considering we didn’t sleep much anyway but it was still awesome. You know the only thing weird about this is that we all had a craving for Chinese food but no Chinese food place is open at 5 in the morning. I had a fun Halloween but I want to know how did yours go?


48 thoughts on “Halloween after effect.

  1. Sounds like a fun night! I went to a corn maze with a friend and carved pumpkins in the parking lot (really last minute this year haha). And when we were in the corn maze, we were informed that there was a bear in the area, and we heard a lot of moaning sounds which were either the bear or people trying to frighten us. Either way we got our Halloween scare and had a good time.

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  2. I hung out with a couple of my sister’s friends and a lowerclassman that I am good enough friends with, but otherwise I ate leftover meatballs and popcorn. At the same time. It was gross, but it works, trust me. We went to a small haunted house thing, I answered the door for little kiddos, then hit up Sora no Woto only to sleep after one episode.
    All in all, it was decent. Nothing spooktscular, but rewatching Another with my siblings a day prior was epic! Your Halloween sounded like a blast! But yeah, no, Chinese is nowhere to be found at 5 am. I would know XDD

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