Voice over! Seiyu Academy. I can’t believe that just happened!

Before I start let me just say there are SPOILERS IN THIS POST. If you are planning on reading voice over then STOP READING THIS POST. You have been warned. So don’t do this…I can’t believe what I just read. I mean what kind of mom ruins what is supposed to be the best day of her daughters life?! All because she thinks her other daughter is better! I feel so bad for Hime. I can’t imagine growing up and being constantly told I will never be as good as my brothers or anything she can do her brothers can do better. Even Yamada the guy who is really good at not getting emotionally attached. Was getting emotional. He was shocked at what Hime’s mom just said and so was I. But what shocked him the most was that Hime wasn’t crying. She didn’t let what her mom said drag her down. It only made her more determined to prove her mom wrong. To make her dream come true so that her mom would finally be proud of her. I am so proud of her for staying strong.


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