Demon love spell First two volumes!

Demon Love Spell, Vol. 1Demon Love Spell, Vol. 1 (Ayakashi Koi Emaki #1)
by Mayu Shinjo

Miko is a shrine maiden who has never had much success at seeing or banishing spirits. Then she meets Kagura, a sexy demon who feeds off women’s feelings of passion and love. Kagura’s insatiable appetite has left many girls at school brokenhearted, so Miko casts a spell to seal his powers. Surprisingly the spell works—sort of—but now Kagura is after her! Reads R to L (Japanese style) for teen plus audiences. Summary from Goodreads.

LADIES! This manga is hot hot hot. The sexy guys in this manga will most definitely make you lose some brain cells. I’m not reasonable for any brain cells lost while admiring these hot guys so be warned. This manga might be a little to hot to handle. Also please note that there are some small spoilers in this post.

I really liked this manga. I thought it was really good the content at times is a little ahem but other then that it was super good. Of course I love the fact that it has supernatural beings in it. I mean who can resist the supernatural. This manga had demons, priestesses, shrines, mischievous characters, action, drama so much drama, romance, love triangles, some really good looking guys, jealousy, betrayals and plot twist that will leave you speechless. I know they left me speechless that’s for sure. Kagura is an interesting character he’s a super sexy demon with a very sensitive side I guess you could say. Is he a womanizer? Yeah totally but it’s how he stays alive. Without feeding of the feelings of woman Kagura would shrivel up and die. He would also become less good looking than he is. The more power you have, so the more you feed of woman, the longer you can stay young, beautiful and hella strong. Which is a good thing for Miko since Kagura is the strongest demon around all the other weaker demons stay away. Mainly because they don’t want to deal with Kagura and end up dead. So in more ways than one Kagura has been protecting Miko who seems to be kinda hopeless as a priestess. She can’t sense the presence of demons nor can she smell them. Basically when it comes to demons Miko is blind. It was honestly by chance that she caught and was able to bind Kagura. Which really pissed him off and I get why she rendered him almost useless. Him the strongest demon taken down by a priestess that is forgetful and blind to demons. Who stand in front of her face. Since Miko’s dad and mom are a very good priest and priestess I thought Miko would have some of their skills. Which she does but not the really important ones that will keep her alive when dealing with demons. But that’s where Kagura comes in. For some reason when Miko touches Kagura she can see and sense the presence of demons. This takes them on a wild adventure that I can’t wait to see where it goes next. So far Miko and Kagura’s adventures have been either super funny or really really intense.They go through a lot together in the short time that they have know each other. Which brings them so much closer to each other, and makes Kagura realize that he doesn’t need all these women. That he doesn’t want all those women. The only woman he wants and needs is Miko. But now he’s challenge is how to make her see that. Kagura has no problems telling his feelings but Miko is just a little shy. She’s never had a guy hit on her before and now she has two. Kagura and a mischievous fox demon who has the scent of a god. This makes Kagura extremely jealous. Which isn’t good for him as I have found out reading the first two volumes. Because he is a Incubus he can die of jealousy being jealous uses up his strength faster than fighting demons does, loneliness yes if he is left only to much he will die, he hates sleeping alone, and needs to feed off feelings. Which makes his life kinda hard when Miko is determined not to give in to him. I absolutely love that when Miko binds his powers he shrinks into a little version of himself that is too cute. I swear when I saw him like that I couldn’t stop talking about how cute he looks. He looks so adorable!! I love it! His mini form is the best! I actually really liked Kagura as a character despite his how you say needs. Kagura is strong, fearless, dangerous, sexy as hell I’ll admit it, caring, sensitive, and always ready to come to Miko’s rescue no matter how weak he is.Which I love about him unlike some of the other demons in this manga, Kagura isn’t willing to sacrifice someone to save himself. He even won’t kill demons that have done him wrong if he sees the good in them. Well if Miko sees the good in them she has a good sense of character and is quite forgiving. I really liked Miko’s character she was so much fun. Yes she wasn’t the best priestess but that didn’t stop her form trying to be the best. I love that she is determined and isn’t afraid to kick some butt. She isn’t your average female in distress which I like. She’s just a normal girl trying to glance taking out demons and school at the same time. I really enjoyed reading the first two volumes of the Demon love spell series. So I’m going to read the rest my friends were right to recommend this to me. If you like the supernatural world then you should definitely check out this manga series.

My fave characters…

Sorry there are not pictures of some of them I couldn’t find ones that didn’t spoil the manga. I have a lot of favourite characters just from reading the first two volumes. The characters in this manga were just so damn good. I really liked the mischievous fox demon. He was so cute with his ears and tail. He didn’t mean to cause anybody harm. He just wanted to see a girl who looks a lot like Miko smile again once more before he left this world. Which I thought was incredible sweet. All his life he has been watching over that girl until she died three years ago without him knowing. I felt really bad for him he has been through so much. His story is sad and you’ll see or get what I reman if you have read the manga or are going to. But he was still one of my favourites he was sweet, happy, persistence, caring, and really kind. Another of my favourite characters was Miko’s dad you don’t see him much but when you do oh my goodness. He’s something alright. I also really liked the demon who tried to kill Kagura to save his sister. He wasn’t even a bad guy he wash just doing what he thought was right. For his sister. I love that he was selfless and was willing to do anything to save his family, his sister. I also like Kagura he’s a mischievous, caring guy who okay I’ll admit is really really really sexy and not to bad to look at. When he’s full out demon and when he’s a mini version of himself.




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