Thought of the day! Christmas shopping done!

The holidays are coming! I have finally finished my Christmas shopping and just in time too. It took some time but I did it. I almost got trampled in a rush to get into a store, fought with some girl over a Black Butler fuzzy limited edition blanket, and speed ordered some stuff online. The struggle was real but I go through it and got the Black Butler blanket too.But what about you did you finish your Christmas shopping? I had to buy so many gifts. This is the year I have bought the most gifts. 30 gifts for my friends and family. That’s more gifts then I have ever had to buy before. I had such a hard time only buying one or two things for each person. But I did it! How was your Christmas shopping?



11 thoughts on “Thought of the day! Christmas shopping done!

  1. 30 gifts? wow hun you had a lot I only had my partners family, my family and one penpal to shop for so this was the cheapest christmas for me 🙂 My shopping went alright just still haven’t got anything for my dad that is all really XD

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  2. Since I don’t have a big family or a big celebration, I don’t have to buy too many gifts. And for a lot of people, we’ve moved on to buying grocery items since that’s what they need and is the most useful. I went out today, and fortunately there weren’t any crazy people like you encountered, and the crowds were pretty thin.

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