Amazing Agent Luna Vol 1Amazing Agent Luna Vol 1 (Amazing Agent Luna #1)
by Nunzio DeFilippis (Goodreads Author), Christina Weir (Goodreads Author), Shiei (Illustrator)

Her name is Luna, and she’s the perfect secret agent. Grown in a lab from the finest genetic material, she has been trained since her birth fifteen years ago to be the U.S. government’s ultimate espionage weapon. But now, she is given an assignment that will test her abilities to the max–high school!

Her mission: to pose as a high school student at Nobel High and uncover a sinister plot engineered by her arch nemesis, Count Von Brucken. But the one thing she has not been trained to handle her own feelings. Especially when she starts making friends, rivals, and crushing big time on bad boy Jonah, son of the evil Von Brucken himself! Summary from Goodreads.

Red River, Vol. 1 (Red River, #1)Red River, Vol. 1 (Red River #1)
by Chie Shinohara

Youri, a pretty Japanese girl who just passed a college entrance exam, is ecstatic after her first kiss with her handsome childhood friend-turned-boyfriend, Himuro. Meanwhile, she starts to notice that water becomes agitated whenever she goes near it! One night, hands appear out of a puddle on the street and drag her into the water. She emerges from the water to find that she has been transported to an ancient village somewhere in the Middle East. She is then captured by armed troops and taken to the queen’s palace, where she learns that the queen had her kidnapped so she can offer her blood as part of a ritual that will kill two princes in competition to inherit the kingdom. Summary from Goodreads.

QQ Sweeper 1 (QQ Sweeper, #1)QQ Sweeper 1 (QQ Sweeper #1)
by Kyousuke Motomi

The “cleaning story of love and bravery(!!)” follows Kyuutarou, who never leaves a speck of dust behind when he “cleans”. One day, he meets a girl who wants to be his apprentice. Summary from Goodreads.


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