Idol dreams vol.1! What I think so far.

Idol dreams vol.1! by Arina Tanemura

Whoa before you start reading let me just say that there are some SPOILERS in this post. You have been warned read on at your own risk.

At age 31, office worker Chikage Deguchi feels she missed her chances at love and success. When word gets out that she’s a virgin, Chikage is humiliated and wishes she could turn back time to when she was still young and popular. She takes an experimental drug that changes her appearance back to when she was 15. Now Chikage is determined to pursue everything she missed out on all those years ago—including becoming a star! Summary from Goodreads.

I actually really liked the first volume of the Idol dreams series. It was really good. It centers around the life of Chikage a now 31 year old not quite popular reserved girl. Who doesn’t hold her liquor very well. She’s the complete and total opposite of what she used to be. When she was younger, she used to be young, popular and pretty. She has a lot of regrets about things she wished she had done, things she wants to do but is now to scared to do, and the one person she wishes she could have said something too. She’s been living with a lot of regrets and now she has the chance to change that. She has the chance to go back. Well not go back but become fifteen years younger. She has the chance to be young again to live her life again. This time the right way. But will she take the amazing chance she has been given? Especially considering the fact that she tried to take her own life. By drowning her self in a river. But she was saved. She was given the chance of a life time that most people would kill for. So I want to know what she’s going to do and how she’s going to do it from now on. That is something I want to find out. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series to see what’s going to happen next. Have you read Idol dreams? If so tell me what you thought.


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