Well it’s not all about cleaning. QQ Sweeper!

QQ Sweeper 1 (QQ Sweeper #1)
by Kyousuke Motomi
The “cleaning story of love and bravery(!!)” follows Kyuutarou, who never leaves a speck of dust behind when he “cleans”. One day, he meets a girl who wants to be his apprentice. Summary from Goodreads.

WARNING! There are some minor spoilers in this post. If you don’t like spoilers even minor ones I suggest you don’t read on. But if you’re cool with minor spoilers please read on.

I’m not gonna lie when I picked up this manga I thought it was going to be all about cleaning, and people who like to clean. Was I right? Yes and nope not at all not even close. I was right about the cleaning part but I was absolutely wrong about the rest. Yup I was totally wrong. This manga yes it’s about cleaning but not in the way you would think and most certainly not for the purpose you would think. I was really surprised by the paranormal factor in this manga. Oh and by the way if you don’t like creepy crawly things that are like two hundred times there normal size. Then you’ll absolutely love this manga! Just kidding. I’m not a fan of bugs and I have to say I almost dropped this manga when I saw the… Well I’m not going to spoil that you’ll see it if you read this manga. So far I actually really like the story it’s different unique and has a paranormal flare that I like. I mean who doesn’t like a talking owl? But that is besides the point, I also really like the fact that it’s not just about some guy intensely sweeping. The characters are interesting as well I think you’ll be in for quite the surprise when you read this manga. I know I was. You might even know a character as he was in a different manga by this author. I was totally kicking myself for not seeing it until after if you have read this manga tell me if you saw it. Since I have only read the first volume I still have a lot to discover about this manga. But that can only be done when I read the whole series so except more on this later. So until next time. But if you have read this manga tell me what you thought? Did you like it or did the creepy crawly things get to you?


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