Thought of the day… 2cellos.

I just had my mind blown in the most amazing way possible. I can’t believe that I didn’t know about these guys before. But I have to say I am really impressed they took two things I love and brought they together in a freaking AWESOME way! I can’t believe my friend kept these guys all to herself and didn’t tell me about them until now. 9Gn5vzRBut I can understand why. So I’m not super mad at her. They took pop and rock music and combined it with the best classical instrument ever. The cello. They are called 2cellos. I actually wanted to learn to play the cello when I was young but we could never find a teacher. These guys are so damn amazing. They also have fabulous fashion sense. Them tights though and okay not gonna like they are both pretty hot. They are now one of my favorite classical groups to listen too. I love them. I just found out about them yesterday but I already own most of their albums. I love them that much. They are so passionate about their music. When they play together it looks like they are having a conversation. Without words. I have never seen two people who play so well together. Who know each other so well that they can speak with just their music. They are just so damn amazing. I wish I could play like them. Magic happens when they play. So far my favorite songs by them are Smooth Criminal and They don’t care about us. You should most definitely check it out if you like the cello and a twist on pop songs. I really want to see them in concert!


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