Special A!

Ahem before we start let me just say that there are some minor SPOILERS in this post. If that doesn’t bother you read on.

I really liked this anime! It was really good the plot and characters were interesting and kept me engaged. They are unique and funny,they all have something about them that is awesome. They are most defiantly not your typical anime characters. I like that the most about them. The fact that they are far from average is awesome. Hikari is awesome. She’s a girl with determination, heart and the memory of an elephant. Ever since she was small she has been trying to beat Kei at something. Anything just to be able to say she won and he lost. I’m not gonna lie I know the feeling I too once had an arch nemesis. His name was Kyle. Now Kei has by no means made this easy for her. He is just natural really really good at everything. Hikari has tried to beat him at studying, wrestling, running, and so much more. Turning everything she possible can into a contest to use against him. But of course this never works and Kei always comes out on top. Without ever really trying. But winning isn’t everything to Kei  he actually just wants Hikari to like him the way he likes her. But Hikari takes being  oblivious to whole new levels. I seriously didn’t know someone could be that naive. At first I wasn’t really sure if she was just really unaware or doing it on purpose. But I soon came to realize that Hikari actually had no idea. She had no clue that Kei liked her. Okay Kei wasn’t obvious about it because he knew it would scare Hikari away. Which was something he didn’t want. Yet there were so many hints, people even said it to her face but she didn’t believe them. I was starting to feel really bad for Kei. He has to deal with  so much like sort of running his fathers business, looking after his little brother, finding the time to work during all this, and keep up with Hikari’s contests. How he handles all this and still manages to stay sane I don’t know. He continues to surprise me again and again. With the things he does and says. Like when he tried to protect Hikari by getting her not to fight. But of course Hikari didn’t like that and found a way anyway. He tries and tries and Hikari always gets by. Kei must get tired sometimes not that he shows it. Special A is a great not your typical anime with not your typical characters. I would recommend this anime to anyone who likes things that aren’t typical. Or if you just want to try something different. It’s a sweet love story with a big twist. With wrestling, not afraid to get dirty, kinda scary, strong, and can’t cook to save her life type of girl. With a heroine like that the hero must be not so typical too. Right? Yup. You got it. I liked it. Have you watched Special A? If so tell me what you thought.


10 thoughts on “Special A!

  1. I loved it when i was watched it. This was actually the anime that got me into anime. It was the anime that introduced me to this world. Of course I’ve seen Pokemon, Doraemon, know about detective conan and naruto. But that was when i didn’t know about anime.

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  2. This serious was hilarious especially the two main protagonists hikari and Kei 🙂 Hikari and her naive nature god was frustrating at times not seeing the real picture like hellooooooo !!

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  3. Yes! I watched “Special A”, too! High-five. I really liked it, too. I personally like shoujo manga where the female protagonist is smart and emotionally strong but also dense because it’s just more adorable to watch for the male lead to try and woo the heroine. This is so funny and I really enjoyed it.

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