What I think about Bully Eater!

Bully Eater, Vol.1Bully Eater, Vol.1
by Raymond Brown (Goodreads Author)

Nothing gets under Isao Akia’s skin more than seeing the innocent preyed upon by the powerful. Having been born a runt with zero fighting ability, his burning desire to aid the week has driven him to train in difficult forms of martial arts. Unexpectedly, Isao is accepted into Greater Dragon Institute, an elite school for all things martial arts and academia. There he must survive against the worlds most skilled and terrifying fighters at a school where fights are not only permitted, but encouraged! While Isao will meet powerful foes with impossible abilities that defy logic and reason, they will learn two things from him: One, he never gives up. Two, his record of beating those stronger than him has earned him the nickname, ‘BULLY EATER’. Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts…

I really want to read this manga because almost everyone I have asked about it has told me that… It reminds them of Naruto, Bleach, and Dragonball and since I love all those manga and anime. I thought this manga has to be good now. It sounds very interesting and I can see why people would think it’s kind of like Naruto, Bleach and Dragonball just from the description. I also really wan to read this manga because o f the way Isao is described. He makes me think of Naruto a bit. By the way he hates seeing the innocent get preyed on, with his determination to get stronger and just the fact that he refuses to give up. Even when faces a stronger tougher opponent. You know which isn’t a bad thing it’s just not  a smart thing to do. But if you win every time who am I to stop you. Although a difference between them is that Naruto wasn’t exactly born weak. The story seems like it will be a bit like Naruto also. Now I’m really intrigued I want to see if it’s anything like Naruto and if it can live up to the awesome manga it’s compared too. Have you read Bully Eater? If so tell me what you thought. I on the other hand have to try and get to this manga as soon as I can to actually see what’s up.


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