Thought of the day I’m back! From an epic road-trip!

I’m back from where you ask? Toronto! Yup I went to Toronto with about 112 other people it was awesome! I missed tree days of school! It was by far the one of the best experiences of my life. The waking up at five in the morning to be on the coach bus by seven thirty not so much but meh c’est la vie.  We saw so much. We went to the CN Tower and I don’t know about you but I’m kind of scared of heights.  Just a little. I am also kind of afraid of glass floors that are 1,136 ft off solid ground. I really didn’t want to walk across the glass floor because if you look down you can actually see how high up you are. Not to mention people look almost like aunts from that high up. It was really scary but I summoned my courage and did it and I’m glad I did. I’ll admit I speed walked across the glass floor the first time but after I had more courage my friend and I danced across it. It was really scary ahem I mean fun.

Not that high right?


Then we went to Medieval times  that was awesome! We got to wear crowns and got to see a joust. How cool is that! So the color of your crown determined which side you would be on and which knight would fight for you. I was on the Black and White knights team. He threw me a flower! I’m sad to say my knight didn’t win but we got to see some epic medieval times fighting. With swords and weapons that weren’t fake I thought they were fake until I saw sparks when they clashed. Let me just say it was epic I would love to go again! The joust wasn’t the only awesome part. The food was awesome too! There was so much I swear they put like half a chicken on my plate. I was so full. The food and the fighting was amazing the show was so good. If you’re ever in Toronto go see Medieval times.

My knight it shinning armor.


But that’s not all we did. We also went to an aquarium that was so damn cool. We saw so many different types  of sharks and even walked through this glass tunnel . That was really cool you got to see all the fish and sharks swim around you.

You stood on this really slow moving floor and just got to stand back and watch. I was really surprised the sharks weren’t eating all the other smaller fish but I soon discovered. It’s because they are on a diet and all the fish in the glass were strategically placed. I got to pet this weird looking crab, a stingray, saw a blue lobster which was really cool because apparently they are really rare, and a really freaking ginormous crab, a bunch of jellyfish, a weird flat long nosed shark, and so much more it was awesome!

Then after that we went to the Toronto Zoo. We saw tigers, giant twin pandas, red pandas, monkeys, lions we also saw this guy so determined to get a good picture of them I think he would have jumped in if we had’t walked by, we saw polar bears, owls, hawks, kangaroos, etc. It was awesome! We also saw these peacocks walking around free. Which was awesome I took a picture with one. At first we couldn’t see it so we thought someone was calling for help. So my friends and I rushed over to help only to find the peacock making the sound. I laughed so hard it was so funny. He really had us fooled.


It was such a fun trip I so want to go again. Since I’m back and well rested now I shall resume blogging like normal. It’s good to be back.


63 thoughts on “Thought of the day I’m back! From an epic road-trip!

  1. Those are some awesome pictures. Looks like you had a fun time. My sister and her boyfriend went to Medieval times and they had a fun time. At Oakland California, there is a little zoo and they have some peacocks.

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