Manga to read!

Crazy Girl Shin Bia Volume 1Crazy Girl Shin Bia Volume 1 (Crazy Girl Shin Bia #1)
by Mi-Ri Hwang

A tough, lazy, money lover, yet stunningly beautiful high school student named Shin Bia is walking by herself one day when an ancient Chinese necklace falls out of the sky right into her hands (well, it actually hits her on the head). But this necklace isn’t ordinary, it is a sign from her past reincarnation that she will be moved to a different time period. In fact, the time when the imperial women were to be proper, elegant, and lady-like. Every thing she isn’t. Crazy Girl Shin Bia tells of her time in an ancient Chinese Palace; trying to find her place in life. Summary from Goodreads.

큐티보이 [Cutie Boy] (큐티보이, #01)큐티보이 [Cutie Boy] (Cutie Boy #1)
by Mi-Ri Hwang

Lee Han-Ah used to be bullied in 2nd grade for having a “wide and flat” butt by a boy in her elementary school and has hated him ever since. Now, in high school she is the celebrated, legendary captain of Il-Hwa Girls High School and she is seeking out a pretty boyfriend. Then she meets the mellow and seemingly perfect boy, Yoo-Min, that seems to know her and wants to date her. Summary from Goodreads.


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