Wow can you believe it because I can’t. Exactly one year ago one of my best friends gave me the idea to start a blog. One year ago today I said why not. I just want to say Zop I love you for giving me the idea and the courage to do this. Because without you and all the amazing bloggers that I have met, without all the people who made this blog thrive by liking my posts, commenting, and following this blog wouldn’t be wear it is today. So I just want to say thanks. I have had so much fun this last year blogging. Looking back at all the fun times I had talking to fellow bloggers, blogging in general, talking about everything and nothing on twitter (ahem Matt and Arria Cross know what I’m talking about), going all fan girl about anime guys etc… It has been a wonderful experience that I hope to continue. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Hello world

I remember this which was just introducing what my blog would be about. Wow have times have changed since then.

Black Butler

My very first actually blog post on Marvelously Mismatched! I am very proud of this post. It was awesome to meet so many people that love Black butler just as much as I do.

Ouran High Host Club

My second blog post gotta love this one.

Well one last time I just want to say thank you!



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