Psycho Busters vol.1! My thoughts so far.


Psycho Busters 1Psycho Busters 1 (Psycho Busters #1)
by Akinari Nao, Yuya Aoki


Out of the blue, a beautiful girl asks Kakeru to run away with her. This could be any boy’s dream come true, but there’s something strange afoot. It turns out that the girl is on the run from a shadowy government organization intent on using her psychic abilities for its own nefarious ends. But why does she need Kakeru’s help? Could it be that he has secret powers, too? Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts so far…

So far I really like this manga it has few flaws but I think it will get better as it goes on. One of the things I’m going to say about this manga if you plan to read it is expect to re-read little bits and pieces. Or in some cases the whole book to understand some things that go on. Although the plot is really good it sometimes moves to fast for the reader to keep up and understand what’s going on. But the manga does this on purpose because the main character is really, really oblivious the whole time. But to the reader that can be a bit disorienting. But it also leads to re-reading with newly gained information as to what’s going on. Although it’s never exactly said in an obvious way. But all that aside Kakeru is a 15 year old boy with a really boring life. So I think it’s a little funny how when he gets left home alone his life gets interesting. Because it turns out Kakeru is far from ordinary. It turns out he’s got some awesome psychic ability not mentioned in this volume. But I think it will be in the next one. I really liked the use of psychics in this manga and I liked how they each had their own different powers. That was cool. Overall it was good but I think it could be a little better and I shall keep reading to see if it does get better.


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