The Other Side of Secret Vol. 1! My thoughts so far!

The Other Side of Secret Vol. 1The Other Side of Secret Vol. 1
by Hideaki Yoshikawa

See You On The Other Side!

Yuuto is a typical teenager who hangs out after school having silly conversations with his friends, but there’s something he hasn’t told anyone. Seven years ago, his older sister, Manami, disappeared through a mysterious door. Yuuto has searched for her ever since, but hasn’t had any luck.

One day, the same secret door his sister forbade him to enter appears right before him, and two girls rush out of it! In order to find his missing sister, Yuuto steps into the forbidden world…Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts so far.

So far the main story in this manga is a simple one. Yuuto the main protagonist lost his sister seven years ago to a mysterious doorway that she disappeared into. Now Yuuto went on with his life but throughout his life he longed to find out what happened to his beloved sister. Even though she told him not to follow her. Well it looks like he finally got his chance. One day out of nowhere comes a vanishing doorway very similar to the one his sister disappeared through. Taking a very big chance he eventually works up the courage to follow the people he saw exit the door back in. After that well everything pretty much goes to hell. You see Yuuto eventually realizes why his sister told him not to follow her through the doorway. If you don’t enter the doorway with the proper conditions met when entering, one may find themselves in deadly danger at the other side of the portal. Since he did this others are dead because of his actions and he has to try and reverse what he unknowingly caused and save them. The Other Side Of Secret is a story that is a lot more complicated and creative than the fan-service might indicate. It’s kind of like High School DxD in the sense that the story is not just about fan-service. Aside from fan-service the story has a really impressive beginning and promises a great read. So in less words the fan service is fun, but the story itself is better. I will however say that the characterization wasn’t that great in this volume apart from the main characters but they don’t go into detail much. But hopefully this will get better as the story goes along this this is only the beginning. My hopes for volume two is that the story does more in this about this and really makes me care about the characters. These are my thoughts so far but there shall be plenty more when I finish the whole series.



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