Okay so from the title of this you can already tell something awesome has just happened! What is it you ask? Well let me tell you. So you know how popular YouTubers and bloggers sometimes get sent games to try and play. Well I got sent a game to try!!! I’m really EXCITED try out the game. The game is called Eagle fantasy golf and it looks like it’s going to be pretty epic anime style game.Inline image 1

SO here’s the game description  brought to you by Aiming Inc.


Eagle Fantasy Golf is a free to play, casual golf game you can play on the go. The game also adapts RPG and simulation elements with over 600 outfits and equipment you can enhance. You can customize your character and be as unique as you want to be. Join matches instantly with zero waiting times. Clear the courses to acquire new equipment such as golf clubs and outfits and earn gold to upgrade your equipment. Be the Golf Star you’ve always wanted to be!

I really like how this game looks pretty interesting for a game about golf and I also love how it’s got an anime twist to it. Now I’m going to start playing the game so I can level up my character and see how awesome this game truly is. But I definitely say you should give it a try.



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