Manga to check out!

Fureu to Kikoeru

Described as “a love story that brings sadness to the heart”, Fureu to Kikoeru takes place in a high school setting. It features a love triangle between a male protagonist, a girl at school, and the strange transfer student with supernatural powers. The transfer student surprises the protagonist when she reveals to him that she can hear other people’s thoughts through touch. To make things more complicated, she tells him that she fell in love with him. The comedic moments are hilarious and the pacing is great. Three chapters have been released and there is already hype about the series even though it just began. This manga is also by the author of Nozoki Ana. One thing to note is that this series may have more than a few “ecchi” moments in the future, so it probably is best for ages 16+. Summary from

good night world manga

Good Night World

Ever since the release of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, there has been an onset of manga plots that focus on virtual reality and virtual worlds. What sets Good Night World apart from the other VR stories is that it features a unique plot involving a dysfunctional family in real life that must bond together in a virtual world to save another family. Even with only a few chapters released, Good Night World has already managed to set a very emotional tone that really makes the reader feel for the characters and situations, which is a very good start to a new series. Summary from


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