What I’m going to read!

Image result for 16 Life, Vol. 01 (16 Life #1) by Saki Aikawa16 Life, Vol. 01 (16 Life #1)
by Saki Aikawa

Sana is an ordinary lethargic female high school student. At karaoke while she was singing enthusiastically a song of her favorite artist, Takase Kazuki, the person himself was watching her…?! Summary from Goodreads.

Image result for Ai Kara HajimaruAi kara Hajimaru

Sakura Ai has always loved sunflowers, as they appear like the sun, which incidentally also was the name of her first crush, Taiyou, in the 3rd grade. Since then, Ai has never had another love becoming quite introverted, but after meeting a guy with the same name, things begin to change… Her 15th summer, finally love will begin… Summary from My anime list.

Boku wa Ookami.Boku wa Ookami.

Rina despises perverted guys. She can’t seem to find the prince she so desperately seeks, that’s before she meets the new transfer student, Jin Ookami. Behind his hair, she discovers the face of her prince. The truth is, he was raised by a wolf, and his seemingly perverted actions for the most part are innocent instincts. How will Rina deal with the new object of her affection, when said person is a true wolf? Is this the beginning of true love? Summary from My anime list.


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