High Score Girl My Thoughts So Far.

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High Score Girl

The year is 1991 and 6th grader Yaguchi Haruo only has video games to live for. He’s not popular in school and he’s neither handsome, funny, nice nor even friendly. The only thing he has going for him is that he is good at video games. One day at the local arcade, he plays Oono Akira, a fellow classmate but who’s popular, smart, pretty and a rich girl that absolutely destroys him at Street Fighter II. Not only does he lose to her 30 times in a row, he can’t beat her at any game. Haruo can’t seem to shake Akira off as she follows him from arcade to arcade everyday after school and beats him every time. As weird as it sounds, the odd couple begins a strange bond and friendship. Summary from My Anime List.

My thoughts so far…

From what I’ve seen so far the romantic side of this anime gets awkward and kind of complicated. But that’s okay because many first time relationships are like that. I think it tends to get awkward because Haruo has more games than friends. So he’s socially awkward. Now take someone like Oono Akira, a fellow classmate who’s popular, well-liked, pretty, smart and rich. But them together and you get something weirdly cool. Their love story gets pretty interesting because none of them are too good at expressing their feelings. Which makes sense because they are still kids. While all of this is going on the gaming rivalry continues. Haruo attempting to beat Akira at least once. While Akira is aiming for something else entirely. Hence their strange bond forms. Personally, I really like this anime so far I  think it has the potential to become really good. The plot while it is complicated it’s still quite good and not too hard to follow. So far I love it.




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