My first time with BTS?

Kpop. I never really knew about Kpop. I hadn’t really heard of it nor had I listened to it before. I’m kind of kicking myself for not having discovered the world of Kpop a while ago but that’s another story. But apparently, I stumbled into the world of Kpop in a damn good way. Or so I have been told by my new Korean friend. One word Bangtan Sonyeondan also knows as BTS. I am a person who is rarely speechless but BTS made me speechless in a good way of course. But let me tell you I WASN’T READY! I had never heard any of their songs or watched any of their music videos before. So I went in search of one of their videos and lucky enough for me the Blood Sweat & Tears music video had just come out on Oct 9, 2016. I WASN’T READY. The song. their voices, the VISUALS were just wow. I had to watch it twice because the first time my brain just could not comprehend what I had just watched. I kid you not I was sitting there in a daze. Image result for anime girl shocked gif After some intense research I began to figure out just who BTS was and what they stand for Jungkook? Man, I was JungSHOOK. A whole new world had just been revealed to me and I could not wait to explore it. Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, BTS! Before I could get into the fandom there were a few things I needed to understand like for example what bias meant as well as bias wrecker. A bias. “In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias.” by Urban Dictionary.  A bias wrecker is someone in a Kpop group who has caught your attention and will many times make you question your life and your current bias list. Within the first 6 minutes of getting to know BTS I was bias wrecked at least 10 times. Image result for BTS  gif Hence why I don’t have just one bias. I love them all though. But I do indeed have biases which I sometimes feel bad about because I feel like I’m leaving the other members out but I love them too. Having a few biases isn’t wrong right? Well, hopefully not because I could never choose between them all. They would just bias wreck me more sigh.      Image result for blood sweat and tears gifDamn it Jhope shot that arrow right into my heart. Because I officially love BTS and Blood Sweat & Tears. That song will forever hold a special place in my heart because it introduced me to an amazing Kpop group. One thing I really love about BTS and Kpop, in general, is that they always put their blood, sweat, and tears into everything they do.  They DANCE and SING/RAP at the same time! Okay, now you might be sitting there going why does she find this so impressive? It’s because when I say dancing I mean like DANCING, not like just your ordinary everyday run of the mill type of dancing.

The fact that they dance like this and sing and manage to not sound extremely breathless and tired is amazing to me. I know if I did that you would definitely hear it in my voice but with BTS it’s nothing but perfection every time. But that’s not all. Every BTS MV (music video) that I have watched has been outstanding. Whether it’s the choreography, the dancing, the visuals, or the fashion. Everything is visual appealing down to the last detail. Not to mention they are quite lovely to look at just on their own. Just look at them

108 thoughts on “My first time with BTS?

  1. Welcome to ARMY! BTS was my second group, but honestly the one that dragged me into K-pop.
    (My ultimate bias of all times: G Dragon, for BTS: all of them)
    We got a new member- always very fun!
    Have you watched the offstage videos yet?

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  2. As an army , this was rhe most relateble thing ever.If you want to check it out I just recently made a post about m opinion on kpop and i do have some posts about bts that may help you out.Be careful , bts is going to be the best and worst tukg that has ever happened to you.jk jk 😂😂

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  3. Love this piece of text and honestly this is like my life in a nutshell. The same sorta thing happened to me and now i feel I am voluntarily trapped into this fandom. I love BTS with all my heart and feel like more and more people should support and love them. They deserve all the respect and love in this world.

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  4. I couldn’t relate more haha.this is so relatable,blood sweat and tears was one of the first MVs that introducted me to this magical world,and now i write blogs about BTS along with my other genres like anime,art,rants etc.its my biggest dream to be able to meet them one day at a concert.mind checking out my blog too? ❤

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  5. sakdkskf THIS WAS BEYOND RELATABLE. I wasn’t into Kpop until BTS honestly..I mean minus me when I was like 12, but now at 20 years old I never thought I would’ve went back. But everything about them just draws you in. They’re beyond inspirational too. Not only do you learn to love them as artists, but as people as well.

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  6. Yah! i feel you. before i was just ignoring them and it didn’t come up to my mind that i will idolize them that much (BTS).. everytime that my classmates imitating some dance moves of that kpop thingy, it push me to the sudden urge to search that thing and it hits me when i saw Bangtan Sonyeondan’s amazing and damn breathless taking dance moves, their visual and everything about them.. I love all of them ❤ Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook BTS BTS!!! I love how humble they are everytime they got an awards and i really love them shouting a warm-hearted Thank You to the Army's and army's screaming like there is no tomorrow!! my bias is suga and thats it!! i love them All! i love BTS!!

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    • Lol. For me no one around me was really into Kpop. But once I stumbled upon it I showed it to my friends and now we’re all fans. I love BTS they are amazing and everything and anything they do they do it well.

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  7. I can relate to every word you said hahaha I mean everytime I watch a video of them, it’s like my first time watching it like I am really amazed with everything they do as a group and an individual. Also I’m very proud of them especially when I remembered where they started. They were like requesting other people to go to their concert, but now look at them, they are more than what they imagined to be.

    Also please visit, like and comment to my site. And my site is just a Performance task so I am not selling anything and also credits to the owners of the pictures:).

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