Image result for happy anime girlI’m the person that everybody comes to for advice whether it’s about relationships and crushes or work and arguments probably because I’m brutally honest and not afraid to tell you things straight to your face. But I’m also fun, difficult, stubborn, unique and lovable so I’ve been told. I also LOVE FOOD almost more than I like people.

Random facts about me

  • I like tea better than coffee
  • My favorite color is purple
  • I adore Sebastian from Black Butler

How to contact me! You can contact me at the email mismatched18@outlook.com!

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      • I have had everything from Alligator to frog legs to cow tongues, but think my favorite would have to be Escargot. Had one time during my high school’s French class immersion program, yet that was years ago, lol. Another favorite is Shark steaks…however not carried in stores around here anymore and for good reason.

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      • Really? Awesome. I’ve had Alligator and frog legs but not cow tongues. Escargot is always good. I’ve never had shark steaks are they good? Yeah it’s for the best.


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