I’m taking a minute

I’m taking a minute to appreciate all the amazing cosplayers in the world. All the cosplayers who dedicate their time and put in the effort to make something magical come to life. They make a picture become reality. They bring anime dreams to life and flawlessly if I do say so myself. So let’s take a moment or a few days ladies you’ll get what I mean to just admire.Ten Ten | Naruto:

These Cosplays are so good!!:

AMAZING cosplay ll Naruto ll Team 8: Hinata Hyuga by slivovayaSva:

Mikoto Suo(K (anime)) | YUEGENE - WorldCosplay:  Undertaker from Black Butler Cosplay || anime cosplay I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!:  Mikasa Ackerman #cosplay - Attack On Titan (進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin):  OMG, this Claude cosplay!! Stunning! Kuroshitsuji II | sakuya - WorldCosplay:  kuro Hatakekakashi Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay; THAT WATER ACTION IS WHAT I CALL A DOPE COSPLAY, AHHHHHHHH:

Kushina Anna (WorldCosplay) | K Project #anime #cosplay:


Naruto movies I plan to watch!

Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Naruto and Squad Seven are assigned to an A-ranked mission to protect popular actress, Yukie Fujikaze. They head towards the filming location in Yukinokuni (land of snow), where three snow ninjas wearing the karakuri-shikake-no-yori await! Why are they after Yukie? And will Naruto and his team be able to protect her and escape?!

Yukinokuni is controlled by the Kazebana Doto, who took power after leading a rebellion. Yukie, who survived the upheaval, is the true heir to the land. She is the Koyukihime Princess. She is captured and taken aaway by Doto, along with the six-sided crystal, the key to the treasures – but not without Naruto in pursuit. Now in enemy territory, his Chakra is suppressed leaving him in a desperate situation! Summary from Goodreads. 

Legend of the Stone of Gelel.

Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura are executing their mission of delivering a lost pet to a certain village. However, right in the midst of things, troops led by the mysterious knight, Temujin, attack them. In the violent battle, the three become separated. Temujin challenges Naruto to a fight and at the end of the fierce battle, both fall together from a high cliff. Furthermore, Shikamaru, having been left behind, beholds a giant moving fortress as it appears before his very eyes. In order to get a grasp on the situation, he infiltrates the fortress by himself, however once there he witnesses a frightening sight.. Summary from Anime news network.

Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

A spoiled prince from the Moon Country (which is located on Crescent Moon Island, on a southern sea) is traveling the world and is to be escorted back to his home island by Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura and Lee. The Prince ends up purchasing a circus and hilarity ensues, team Kakashi then has the duty of protecting both the Prince and his new purchase. All the while three mysterious ninja arrive to cause trouble. Summary from Anime news network.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie

Demons that once almost destroyed the world, are revived by someone. To prevent the world from being destroyed, the demon has to be sealed and the only one who can do it is the shrine maiden Shion from the country of demons, who has two powers; one is sealing demons and the other is predicting the deaths of humans. This time Naruto’s mission is to guard Shion, but she predicts Naruto’s death. The only way to escape it, is to get away from Shion, which would leave her unguarded, then the demon, whose only goal is to kill Shion will do so, thus meaning the end of the world. Naruto decides to challenge this “prediction of death,” but fails to prove Shion’s prediction wrong and supposedly dies in vain. Summary from My anime list.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie bonds

Konoha has suddenly been attacked by flying shinobi from the Sky Country. It turns out to be revenge for the Second Great Ninja War, when Konoha destroyed the Sky Country. At the same time, a doctor and his apprentice, Shinou and Amaru, appear in Konoha requesting aid for their village on the outskirts of Fire Country, as they also have been attacked by the Sky Country. Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata team up to form a three-man cell to accompany and help Shinou and Amaru as they head on to their village. Meanwhile, Shikamaru and other ninja take the offensive to attack the Sky Country’s fleet before they can launch a second assault. Summary from Anime news network.

Naruto Shippuden the Will of Fire.

Ninjas with bloodline limits begin disappearing in all the countries and blame points toward the fire nation. By Tsunade’s order, Kakashi is sacrificed to prevent an all out war. After inheriting charms left by Kakashi, Naruto fights through friends and foes to prevent his death while changing the minds of those who’ve inherited the will of fire. Summary from Anime news network.

Naruto Shippuden the Lost Tower

Assigned on a mission to capture Mukade, a missing-nin, Naruto Uzumaki sets out for the once glorious historic ruins of “Ouran”, where he pursues and corners the rogue ninja. Mukade’s goal is revealed to be a dormant leyline within the ruins; he unleashes the power of the leyline, causing a light to envelop Naruto, sending him into the past, 20 years before the series began. When Naruto awakens, he comes into contact with the Fourth Hokage, His father, Minato Namikaze. Summary from Anime news network.

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

Naruto and his friends are trapped in a Genjutsu created by the mysterious Masked Shinobi who is testing it for a greater plan. In this new world, or reality, everyone except Naruto and Sakura have their personalities changed to the opposite of their normal personality. Also, dead characters are now alive and roles are reversed. Naruto and Sakura must find a way to get out of this Genjutsu, and return things to normal. Summary from Anime news network.

The Last: Naruto the Movie

The moon is beginning to fall, and at the rate it’s going, it is doomed to fall on the Earth. The countdown for the survival of the planet begins. Among the havoc, Hinata’s younger sister Hanabi is captured by the mysterious enemy, Toneri Ōtsutsuki, who mistakes her for the elder sister. Naruto must overcome great danger on a mission to save Hanabi and the world along with Hinata, Sai, Shikamaru, and Sakura. Finally realizing what and who he must protect, Naruto embarks on his final story. Summary from Anime news network.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Boruto is the son of the 7th Hokage Naruto who completely rejects his father. Behind this, he has feelings of wanting to surpass Naruto, who is respected as a hero. He ends up meeting his father’s friend Sasuke, and requests to become his apprentice. Summary from Anime news network.



Question of the day. Kakshi or Minato!

Today my friend asked me the hardest well okay one of the hardest questions I have ever had to answer in my life. She asked me who I would pick if I had to chose between Minato and Kakashi! cryHow can I chose I love them both! They both have something that the other doesn’t have. Okay we all know they are killing it in the looks department they are both really hot. But whom to chose quiet, kind of shy, romance reading Kakashi or compassionate, kind, loving Minato. I CAN’T CHOSE! I love them both equally. I love that Minato is a kind guy who’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He’s a really sweet guy who just wants what best for everyone. How can you not love him. He’s too cute!
But them there is Kakashi. He’s really a big softie underneath that mask which makes sexy as hell might I just say.  Well we all know I’m indecisive as hell but what about you? Can you chose between these two. Because I can’t. I have to think on this more. But just to be clear sorry ladies but I saw them first so hands off please.

My fav anime characters Naruto edition part 2!

Rock Lee

Oh my goodness. The first time I saw Lee my first thought I immediately was like what’s with the eyebrows? But then I saw his suit and had no words. Okay I mean he is the only one apart from Gai sensei that can make that suit look good. But you know after I watched a little more and got used to his eyebrows. I came to like them and Lee. I thought it was really funny actually when he decided to challenge Sasuke. Because he seemed so serious, tough, and just had an air of can’t touch this going on. But in reality Lee is a kind, caring, sensitive in a way, brave, determined, dedicated guy. Who doesn’t mind coming to the rescue of one of his friends. Who just like anyone else has the desire to get stronger, better, faster, so he can be the best ninja that he can be. I mean that hasn’t been easy for him especially when he fought Gaara. His injuries were so serious no one thought he would be able to go back to the way he was. But Lee being the guy that he is and the fact that he takes after Gai sensei. Refused to give up. Which is what makes him awesome that and the fact that he seems to have no limit when it comes to spicy food. I also love that when’s he’s drunk he some how gets stronger.


I love Shikamaru I love that he’s this lazy, I don’t like to do things, extremely smart, kind of guy. I also think his shadow possession jutsu is wicked cool.  I mean seriously shadow possessions. But aside from his wicked cool ability I love how smart he is. His IQ is way higher then most peoples which not only makes him a threat but a triple threat. To be exact anyway. He doesn’t really like to get involved but knows when to stay out of things and when to jump in with two feet. He seems to be the voice of reason for most and the strategy making guy for complex missions. Is there anything he can’t do. Probably but I still like him.  He’s wicked smart as we’ve seen but seems to hate all the responsibilities that being smart comes with. But he deals with it to help his teammates and to prove himself. But he also gets away with so much well he did when he was little anyway always spending his days sleeping, watching the clouds, or by playing  shōgi and Go. Yes he’s lazy but he’s also quite helpful and very smart. What’s not to love?


I really like Kiba he’s awesome. I love that he’s got this animal side which enables him to understand Akamaru. He’s strong, fast, has a very good sense of smell which as we all know it’s always a good thing. He’s very headstrong and may seem a little egoistic ande gruff sometimes. Kiba is loyal and will protect his friends with his life along with Akamaru who is adorable might I just say. I love how Kiba is able to pick up on things others can’t. Like Hinata’s crush on Naruto. He was one of the first people to notice. He would go around telling her where Naruto was and teasing her a little. Kiba just always seemed to know what was up even when others didn’t. I like that about him.



My fav anime characters part 5! Naruto edition! Part 1!

Kakashi Hatake

Okay despite the fact that I have never seen his full face, I still love him. He is most definitely one of my favorites. I love that he has the patience of a Saint I mean he kind of has to in order to deal with team seven. Ahem mainly Naruto and Sasuke but mainly Naruto. But he’s also a thoughtful, romancing novel reading, element wielding, kick butt ninja with a thing for masks and strange teaching methods. I love that he isn’t just all work no play. I also love that underneath his kick butt personality is a big sortie who reads romance novels whenever he gets the chance. I also love that like me he hates it when people spoil things. He even let Naruto win so he wouldn’t spoil his book. That is dedication. Okay not gonna lie I also like him because he’s really hot. Yup can’t lie he is. I mean come on just look at that face.

Gaara of the sand

Okay now I know a lot of people don’t like Gaara but I honestly don’t understand why. Yeah I mean he’s made a few mistakes and has hit a few bumps in the road. But who hasn’t. Although he may seem scary the first time you see him. Once you get to know him you realize he isn’t the person everyone else makes him out to be. He’s actually a nice shy kid who hasn’t been treated the best in the past. Which has made him a little cold and shy I guess when it comes to new people. He actually really wants friends but just isn’t very good at showing it. Well not until Naruto knocked some sense into him and made him realize he’s not the only one. He doesn’t have to be alone he has friends he just has to let them in. I love Gaara he is one of my favorites because he’s really a nice guy who wants to help people. That’s all he wants to do help people and protect his village. Naruto showed him that he could do that. People may fear him but once they see how nice he is they realize that they made a huge mistake. In they way they treated him. I’m glad that he now has friends and that his village welcomes him with open arms. I also love that the symbol on his forehead means love.

Naruto Uzumaki

Honestly I don’t know how you can watch Naruto and not love Naruto. Yes he’s a little impatient and can be a little annoying sometimes as some people seem to think. But at the end of the day he’s a great kid with a great love of ramen. Let me just say he has great taste in food. Naruto hasn’t always had an easy life. Since he was little everyone called him a monster, and stayed away from him. What made it worse is that fact that he had no parents. He grew up knowing the true meaning of loneliness which is something no one should ever know. But I think what he went through as a child made him stronger, and the amazing guy he is today. He’s so determined to prove everyone who ever talked bad about him wrong by becoming something awesome. He wants and is going to be the greatest ninja the Hidden Leaf have ever known. Plus he’s got a great sense of humor and isn’t too full of himself. Now that he has friends that stand with him every step of the way I don’t think anything or anyone can stop him. From becoming the best. Believe it!

Now if I had to rate them based on their hotness it would be like this. Oh damn this is a hard decision but it goes like this.

  1. Kakashi
  2. Naruto
  3. Gaara

Wait no I changed my mind

  1. Kakashi
  2. Gaara
  3. Naruto

No wait okay never mind I can’t choose.cry

What do you think?

What I think about Bully Eater!

Bully Eater, Vol.1Bully Eater, Vol.1
by Raymond Brown (Goodreads Author)

Nothing gets under Isao Akia’s skin more than seeing the innocent preyed upon by the powerful. Having been born a runt with zero fighting ability, his burning desire to aid the week has driven him to train in difficult forms of martial arts. Unexpectedly, Isao is accepted into Greater Dragon Institute, an elite school for all things martial arts and academia. There he must survive against the worlds most skilled and terrifying fighters at a school where fights are not only permitted, but encouraged! While Isao will meet powerful foes with impossible abilities that defy logic and reason, they will learn two things from him: One, he never gives up. Two, his record of beating those stronger than him has earned him the nickname, ‘BULLY EATER’. Summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts…

I really want to read this manga because almost everyone I have asked about it has told me that… It reminds them of Naruto, Bleach, and Dragonball and since I love all those manga and anime. I thought this manga has to be good now. It sounds very interesting and I can see why people would think it’s kind of like Naruto, Bleach and Dragonball just from the description. I also really wan to read this manga because o f the way Isao is described. He makes me think of Naruto a bit. By the way he hates seeing the innocent get preyed on, with his determination to get stronger and just the fact that he refuses to give up. Even when faces a stronger tougher opponent. You know which isn’t a bad thing it’s just not  a smart thing to do. But if you win every time who am I to stop you. Although a difference between them is that Naruto wasn’t exactly born weak. The story seems like it will be a bit like Naruto also. Now I’m really intrigued I want to see if it’s anything like Naruto and if it can live up to the awesome manga it’s compared too. Have you read Bully Eater? If so tell me what you thought. I on the other hand have to try and get to this manga as soon as I can to actually see what’s up.

What does his face look like?

WAIT! Before you read this post there are some spoilers so if you haven’t watched Naruto STOP! Unless you don’t mind spoilers then please go on.

Oh my goodness I was re-watching Naruto last weekend. Which my friends thought was crazy because I watched all 220 episodes in a week. When it took them two months to finish it. They are just really slow. But anyway I was watching the episode where Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are trying. I repeat trying to get Kakashi to take his mask off. That is my favorite episode it is so damn funny. I love that episode so much.I swear all the trouble they go through. Just because Naruto planted the idea in Sasuke and Sakura heads that he must be hiding something. Something super embarrassing. Like… Big lips, buck teeth, and a small mouth. They even put Kakashi in situations where he would have to take his mask off. Other wise it would just look weird. But he always found a way to escape their attempts which I thought was hilarious. The whole time I was watching the episode my first thought was why don’t you just ask. Just ask him to take his mask off. But plot twist when they finally give up and ask him to take it off. Kakashi does what Kakashi does best. Avoids it at all cost. By taking his mask off getting our hopes up only to find that. Under his mask is another mask. I laughed so hard at that part it was just too funny.

Thought of the day Bleach vs Naruto!

Oh my goodness today my friend and I got into a really big argument about who would win if Bleach and Naruto met up. I personally have watched both and love both but I think Bleach would win all the way hands down no problem. Don’t get me wrong Naruto is awesome too and they have some wicked cool jutsus as well that are amazing beyond belief but I think Bleach would be just a bit stronger. With Bankai’s, hollows, masters and quinces. I’m  a huge fan of Bleach if you couldn’t already tell but on this we can agree to disagree he thinks Naruto would win and I think Bleach would win. But no just no Bleach for the win. Would it be the showdown of a life time oh yeah would Bleach come out on top hell yes! Ichigo is… I have no words to explain how powerful he is, it’s just out of this world. Naruto is not far behind too. You know what Ithink but what do you think? Bleach or Naruto? Who would come out on top?

Are anime characters with darker hair more interesting than characters with lighter hair?

Question Dark or light hair?

I’ve been thinking really hard about this question and I’ve come to a conclusion or answer! Before I tell you what my answer is here’s the question. Are anime characters with darker hair more interesting than characters with lighter hair? Now here’s my answer. Okay let’s be honest here if you look at most anime characters you’ll realize that they all have darker hair. Are they more interesting because of it? I’d have to say yes. I don’t really know why though they just have this air of mystery that makes you want to know them and all about them. Plus anime characters with darker hair just seem more intense, stronger, and just seem to have better personalities. But this is not always the case there are some anime characters with lighter hair that I love! Take Inuyasha as an example I love him and he’s got light hair. WAIT! I just remembered that his hair is originally black. Okay bad example take Mikoto, Toshiro, Ichigo, Yoruichi, Kisuke, Lucy, Naruto, Elliot, Haruhi, Mizuki, Tamaki…. Etc… I could go on forever and I love all of them and they’ve all got light hair! But useally yeah I like darker hair because there always an air of danger to anime character with darker hair, there also more interesting, intense, mysterious, and more powerful. Okay there also almost always hotter too. But what do you like dark or light hair?

Top 7 anime that i love part 1!

Top 7 anime that I love! Part 1

I love all these anime equally and the number beside them doesn’t matter because there all number one to me! That’s just how I do because I’m not good with making tough decisions.

  1. RWBY

I love RWBY!  Love it. At first I didn’t like it because it looks more like a video game than most of the anime I watch. But as I got used to it the series just really came alive. The story line is interesting, captivating, loud and action packed with kick butt goodness! Not to mention I think Ruby’s scythe is one of the best things I’ve ever seen and I want one. Okay, okay I think the theme song is awesome too. If you like action, adventure, mystery and more than watch RWBY!


  1. Bleach

Need I say more? Nope but I’m going to. Bleach is an awesome kick ass anime series that everybody should watch before they die.


  1. Black butler

One word…. Sebastian. He’s should be all the reason you need to want to watch Black Butler. Especially if you looked at his picture. But if you need more here you go. Black butler is a fantastic, out of this world amazingly, awesome, mysterious anime with a lot of secrets to hide and secrets to share.  After all he’s simply one hell of a butler.


  1. Ouran high host club

Who doesn’t love Ouran high host club? I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love it just as much as I do. This anime even inspired my friends to think of making their own host club. Although it never happened. Tamaki, Hikaru, Mori, Haruhi just to name a few are some of the best anime characters I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t already watched it, watch it. If you’ve already watched it then watch it again.

  1. Say I love you

Say I love is an interesting anime. I loved it! The characters and the story line were just wicked! Mei is one of the strongest female anime character’s I’ve ever seen. Everybody should watch this anime. Not just because it’s good but because Mei will change your life.


  1. The complete series of K

This anime series blew my mind. It was that good. I was so into it! I loved it! Still do. The story line was so it was so dame good that I can’t even describe it. It’s has just the right amount of sadness, adventure, action, happiness and so much more that it’s just amazing. Watch it that’s all I can say.


  1. Naruto

Okay I just recently started watching Naruto after my friends kept nagging me to watch it they told me it was good and they were wrong. Because I think Naruto is freaking amazing! I love it! I’m so happy that my friends kept nagging me to watch it or I would have really been missing out. Now that I’ve started I’m hooked!


Here ends my top 7 fav anime part 1!