My nominees are…

superthumbI’m really excited because this is the first time the Free spirit award is being given out! I hope you guys love it, own it, have fun with it, and make it your own thing. This award was created to be something everyone could take and turn it into something amazing. No rules, okay that’s not true there are some rules but they work. But enough from me here are my nominees I hope you guys love this award just as much as UNOTAKU and I do.

Free Spirit AwardOne rule. It’s that simple.

You can create your post the way you want to, the only rule you have to follow is that the post has to be about the topic you get from the previous nominee – and that’s it, let your mind flow and let your free spirit out! Oh and please do but the logo in your post.

The nominees are…










My topic for you guys is things you love the most. That’s it go wild let your mind be free. Make it your own.