Would you believe me if I told you it’s been 3 years! Q&A+ new addition?

Image result for anime girl happyThree years ago today a good friend of mine inspired me to start this blog.  Can you believe that three years ago today Marvelously Mismatched was brought to life by two bubble tea sipping anime fan girls. I can’t believe it has been this long and I am so thankful for all the people who have stuck with me and my blog throughout these years. Blogging gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know some truly amazing people as well as be apart of an amazing community. I will always be thankful for that and to all the people who take the time to read what I post. You guys are lovely.

I know I have been MIA for a while and I’ve had a lot of people asking me about where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and if I plan to continue blogging. So I’m going to try and take a very long story and condense it into a shorter one. For one work has been kicking my butt hard lately and finding the balance between work and things I enjoy has been a little hard. Second a very close family friend of mine, has been going through a rough patch in life and I wanted to be there to help and support her and show her that she is not alone. Last but not least I have been apartment hunting with my older brother. While I’ll admit I have been very busy I have no intentions of stopping this blog anytime soon. My posts may be a little more spaced out but I will continue to blog and do what I love. I am however thinking of spicing things up and adding a new category so watch out for that.  🙂

Any who thank you all so much!

Helping my girl out!

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Hi everyone, I hope all your days have been good so far! My little cousin is doing a project for school about the misconceptions of sexuality in today’s society. She is conducting an anonymous survey to see what people think nowadays. So in order to help her out, I promised her that I would blog about. If you would like to please feel free to fill out the survey.  Although I will say her survey is more LGBTQ+ all perspectives and opinions are welcome. The link is down below. I know she would greatly appreciate all the help she can get. Thanks have a lovely day.

The survey



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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe it’s 2017 already time really flies when you’re having fun. I hope you had a great time last year and an even better year this year. Anyone have any new year resoultions? I know I have one and that’s to acomplish the long time dream I’ve had of playing the cello. So I’m going to scrath that off my bucket list. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So the first week is done!

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So for all the people who started school this week I just want to say congratulations on getting through your first week! Even though it’s only the beginning I hope you guys have a wonderful fun filled time. Although you may think it sucks it will get better.

I’m back from the mountains.

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Well I’m back from the mountains and I had a great time with my family and friends. We went hiking, took some awesome photos, got stuck on the gondola ride up the mountains which was scary, and went zip lining. Now that I’m back I’ll be blogging like I normally do. Also I just want to give a shout out to anyone who started school today. I hope you have a great year!

Mini Vacation time!

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I’m taking a mini vacation and this time I’m going to the mountains with my family. It’s going to be a fun filled two days. During these two days I will not be blogging as WiFi in the mountains isn’t always reliable. But until I get back enjoy the last few days of summer and have fun.

Photo time is over

So I’m back from my cruise and it was so much fun I took to many pictures and got to see and do some awesome things. I went surfing which I sucked at seriously I have no coordination for that and I played mini golf. Now that I’m back I shall be blogging like I always do. My cruise was fun but it’s good to be back.

I’m taking a minute

I’m taking a minute to appreciate all the amazing cosplayers in the world. All the cosplayers who dedicate their time and put in the effort to make something magical come to life. They make a picture become reality. They bring anime dreams to life and flawlessly if I do say so myself. So let’s take a moment or a few days ladies you’ll get what I mean to just admire.Ten Ten | Naruto:

These Cosplays are so good!!:

AMAZING cosplay ll Naruto ll Team 8: Hinata Hyuga by slivovayaSva:

Mikoto Suo(K (anime)) | YUEGENE - WorldCosplay:  Undertaker from Black Butler Cosplay || anime cosplay I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!:  Mikasa Ackerman #cosplay - Attack On Titan (進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin):  OMG, this Claude cosplay!! Stunning! Kuroshitsuji II | sakuya - WorldCosplay:  kuro Hatakekakashi Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay; THAT WATER ACTION IS WHAT I CALL A DOPE COSPLAY, AHHHHHHHH:

Kushina Anna (WorldCosplay) | K Project #anime #cosplay: