Manga to read


Image result for Hajime no Ippo,Hajime no Ippo, Vol. 1 (Hajime no Ippo #1)
by Joji Morikawa

Magunochi Ippo is an ordinary high school student in Japan. Since he spends most of his time away from school helping his mother run the family business, he doesn’t get to enjoy his younger years like most teenagers. Always a target for bullying at school (the family fishing business grants him a distinct odor), Ippo’s life is one of hardship. One of these after-school bullying sessions turns Ippo’s life around for the better, as he is saved by a boxer named Takamura. He decides to follow in Takamura’s footsteps and train to become a boxer, giving his life direction and purpose. Ippo’s path to perfecting his pugilistic prowess is just beginning. Summary from Goodreads.

Strawberry 100% 1 (Strawberry, #1)Strawberry 100% 1 (Ichigo 100% #1)
by Mizuki Kawashita, Mizuki Kawashita

Against all odds, Junpei starts dating the most gorgeous girl in school, Tsukasa, believing that she is the mysterious beauty. But could his strawberry muse actually be a bookworm named Aya? Soon a tense love triangle forms between the beauty, the boy and the geek! Summary from Goodreads.

My-HiME, Volume 1 (Mai Hime, #1)

My-HiME, Volume 1 (My-HiME #1)
by Noboru Kimura, Kenetsu Sato

When Fuuka Academy is attacked by strange creatures called Orphans, the school sets up a special task force of its female members–called HiMEs–who must team up with a unique “Key” to battle these invaders! Yuuichi Tate is the new boy in town, thrilled to be at a new school. But he soon discovers that he’s the Key for not just one but two HiMEs! Two highly competitive, rival schoolgirls. One overzealous boy. And that’s just the start of the trouble!

Here is the hot new manga series based on the mega-popular anime by Yatate Hajime, the creative team behind the anime classic Cowboy Bebop. Summary from Goodreads.


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