The First Sunshine Blogger Award of Marvelously Mismatched!

Alright first things first I would like to thank Yahari Bento for nominating me for this award. Sorry it took so long. The first Sunshine Blogger Award for Marvelously Mismatched YAY! If you like anime you should definitely check out this blog  Yahari Bento .

Image result for the sunshine blogger awardRules

  • Display Award
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  •  Nominate 11 bloggers from the magic circle and write then 11 new questions.


My new 11 questions for you who I nominated.

  1. Your favorite anime series/movie in this year?

My favorite anime series this year would have to be…Mob Psycho 100. Why? I don’t know it’s great and I love it. Although I have a list of anime that I liked this year this one came to me first so here it is. Image result for mob psycho 100 wallpaper

2. You are aniblogger, but do you play games too or not?

I do sometimes but not always it mostly depends on how good the game is and if I get told to play it or not. I’m not going to lie it also depends on how much free time I have to what I want to do. But yeah I do play games too.

To play or not to play?

3. Which main characters from which anime do you want to descend from anime world to the where in front of you?

You don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for a question like this. I have a list of anime characters I would love to meet in person. But since that’s a really long list and I don’t want to keep you guys here for an eternity. I’ll just name five characters. Kisuke Urahara there’s a method to his madness, Kakashi Hatake the copy cat ninja how could you not want to meet him, Hinata Hyuga, Gaara of the sand and Mikoto Suoh the red king .


4. While you are playing internet, what do you like to eat while do that?

Depends on my mood but it’s mostly just chips. Or maybe Skittles yeah whatever it is I decide to eat I can tell you it’s not going to be 100%  healthy but I like food so that’s okay.


5. Characters you worship/like/love in the latest, will be the one we call “the best/final girl/boy” or not? And that person is…

Okay I don’t know how you can watch Naruto and not love these two characters I know it says one but these guys are just too good. So I’m puttig them both down. Minato Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki. They are the best in terms of looks and skills.


6. If this world will not produce any anime anymore, you will…

I’ll probably go join Tamaki in his corner of woe and question the universe then eventually get over it maybe. Related image

7. Do you ever were caught by your parents when you watch/read anime/manga too much? And how do you FEEL when they/he/she are/is in front of your door?

My parents often told me when I was a kid to stop reading and go outside. So whenever they think I have been reading for to long and need to see the light of day they get one of my brother to attempt to take the book or books away from me. This has resulated in many vicotires and fails for the both of us. When this happenes I normally prepare myself for battle or put clear tape on my door so my brothers run into that. Lol it’s great. Image result for anime girl battle gif

8. When you are reading manga/LN, will you lie down and read them like Gi*nt in Dor*em@n or not?

I lie down and read to me that’s the best way. Image result for anime girl reading

9. Right now, are you sleepy, aren’t you?

I’m not sleepy, are you sleepy?Image result for anime girl excited

10. It’s not like I’m worried about you, but you are tired answer my questions, aren’t you? (My instinct tells me to run, now!)

Lol no I’m not tired of answering your questions right now. It’s been really fun so far. Image result for anime girl happy

11. Congratulations! You reach the last question. So if I want you to wave your hand in front of your computer/phone screen, can you do that? Fub! (…There was a power cut in my house.)

Oh that sucks hope nothing important got lost.

Image result for anime girl happy dance gif

My nominees will come a little later because I have another Sunshine blogger award to do so I thought I would just put them together so watch out for that post and have a good day.


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