My fav anime characters part 3!

My fav anime characters part 3!

I finally got the chance to get back to this! Okay this is my fav anime characters part 3 can you believe it? Three part already and were still going, did I mention I watch a lot of anime? Also I do read a fair bit of manga too I’ve counted how many I’ve read since the start of the year and I’m at 250 volumes of manga and way more anime episodes than I can count. But anyway enough about me here’s part 3 of what’s going to be a long list of posts I can just feel it.

  1. Haruhi

How can you not love her? You can’t love Ouran High Host Club without loving Haruhi too. She’s the quiet, smart, humble, independent, caring girl who’d rather stay home and study than go to a party. I love how she’s distant in the beginning because she’d rather be anywhere but there. I also love that she can just smile and everybody feels the need to fawn over her mainly Tamaki. It’s fun to see how she changes over the course of the manga becoming more open as she learns the host club is where she’s meant to be. Haruhi is a sweet, awesome, smack talking, amazing girl who’s finally found her home.

  1. Eren

There are so many things that I could say about him. But here are just a few, Eren is a strong, passionate, caring, stubborn, fighter who just doesn’t know when to give up. I don’t think he even knows the meaning of the words give up. Eren’s be through a lot let’s just say you could say he’s been to hell and back and back again. Although his life hasn’t exactly been a dream more like a nightmare really what he’s been through only makes him a stronger, and better person in my opinion.

  1. Hotohori

What’s not to love? He’s caring, strong, gentle, passionate, understanding, let’s just say he’s every girls dream guy and more. Not to mention he’s an emperor and a warrior! His life might not have been fun but that was until he met Miaka and his life took a turn for better and worse in some ways. Hotohori love him! My opinion might be a little bit biased life because I grew up watching his anime but hey he’s still one of my favourites.

  1. Kasanoda

I love him! He’s really shy, loves animals although they tend to hate him because of his so called scary face personally I don’t think he’s scary he’s cute in his own way, caring he loves caring for things, generous, socially awkward and a leader. Life hasn’t exactly been all smiles and sunshine for Kasanoda because of his scary face and who his father is. But all that changes when he meets Haruhi.

  1. Mori

Mori a man of few words. He’s quiet, strong, and he tends to see things that nobody else sees. I love that about him, although he’s a quiet person who doesn’t ever really talk he’s always at some point the life of the party. Ether by helping Hunny or Haruhi or just by doing nothing at all.


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