What does his face look like?

WAIT! Before you read this post there are some spoilers so if you haven’t watched Naruto STOP! Unless you don’t mind spoilers then please go on.

Oh my goodness I was re-watching Naruto last weekend. Which my friends thought was crazy because I watched all 220 episodes in a week. When it took them two months to finish it. They are just really slow. But anyway I was watching the episode where Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are trying. I repeat trying to get Kakashi to take his mask off. That is my favorite episode it is so damn funny. I love that episode so much.I swear all the trouble they go through. Just because Naruto planted the idea in Sasuke and Sakura heads that he must be hiding something. Something super embarrassing. Like… Big lips, buck teeth, and a small mouth. They even put Kakashi in situations where he would have to take his mask off. Other wise it would just look weird. But he always found a way to escape their attempts which I thought was hilarious. The whole time I was watching the episode my first thought was why don’t you just ask. Just ask him to take his mask off. But plot twist when they finally give up and ask him to take it off. Kakashi does what Kakashi does best. Avoids it at all cost. By taking his mask off getting our hopes up only to find that. Under his mask is another mask. I laughed so hard at that part it was just too funny.


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