His gift.

As you know Daniel and I are together now, and if you didn’t know well now you know. I’ll just let that sink in. Has it sunk in? Yes? Great. If not well that’s to bad I guess but anyway as you know he gave me a locket when we were little. If you didn’t know you can read more about that here. But he we were talking just the other day and he said “The locket I gave you years ago was a  symbol of my crush but the one I give you today is a symbol of my love.” You have permission to swoon now. Because I sure did. I kinda stood there gaping like a fish for a good 2 minutes while he laughed at me because I looked pretty funny. But it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me and that’s not all there’s more. I swear he completely swept me off feet. He knows I love beanies and snap-backs so he go me a snap-back  that says flawless. Love it so much! He’s the sweetest person ever! He had me from the beginning though to be fair. You know what he said when he gave me the snap-back, he said no one represents this better than you, your the flawless star that shines bright in my world. Swooning again. He’s the best I know, but now its my turn to give him the best gift or gifts ever but he said the best gift ever was me but still I’m gonna do this.


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